Cousin Curtiss | Feast of Thrills EP
Cousin Curtiss combines the picking style, soul, and energy of John Butler, the incendiary harmonica style of John Popper, and the multi-instrumentalist-live-looping talents of Keller Williams.
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Feast of Thrills EP

Feast of Thrills is the first album completely written, recorded, and produced by “Cousin” Curtiss O’Rorke Stedman. As a result, it is the most cohesive album of his to date. Short as it is, the album is lyrically driven to express the wanderlust of the artist stuck in place paired with the self-doubt to do anything about it. The album begins with a pop soulful tune, “Home” that captures the optimism that can but rarely follows feelings of homesickness. While transitioning from interior AK to Southeast AK, the song “Tell Me” captures the mindset of people in a temperate rainforest and how they take full advantage of the sun when it so seldom shines. “As I Am” is a song originally meant to be a vengeful tune but as you listen to it, the message “Do what you want and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter” becomes more and more clear. Lastly, songs like “Feast of Thrills” and “What You Will Not Believe” are essentially “notes to self” that promote the thought that there is another side to everyone who can either help or hinder one’s passions. Feast of Thrills is an inspiring album of musicianship and technical artistry whose message can be share cross generationally.